Energy Rates

Electric Rates effective June 1, 2019

Residential Rates

Customer charge$22.00
Per Kilowatt-hour9.534¢

Commercial GSA-1 (<50 kW)

Customer charge$19.25
Per Kilowatt-hour10.334¢

Commercial GSA-2 (51-1000 kW)

Customer charge$166.00
First 15,000 kWh9.979¢
Additional kWh5.904¢
51-1000 kW$15.25

Commercial GSA-3 (1001-5000 kW)

Customer charge$300.00
All kWh4.977¢
0-1000 kWh$15.38
1001-5000 kW$16.66

Commercial TGSA-2 (51-1000 kW)

Customer charge$110.48
Onpeak kWh9.192¢
Offpeak kWh6.609¢
Onpeak kW Demand$14.15
Offpeak kW Demand$2.38


Customer Charge$1,500.00
TVA Admin Charge$350.00
Onpeak kWh - Block 17.465¢
Offpeak kWh - Block 24.965¢
Offpeak kWh- Block 31.996¢
Offpeak kWh - Block 41.741¢
Onpeak kW Demand$10.24
Offpeak kW Demand$10.24
Demand Max kW$5.73


Customer Charge$1,500.00
TVA Admin Charge$350.00
Onpeak kWh - Block 17.369¢
Offpeak kWh - Block 14.869¢
Offpeak kWh- Block 22.126¢
Offpeak kWh - Block 31.871¢
Onpeak kW Demand$10.24
Offpeak kW Demand$3.57
Demand Max kW$3.57

Outdoor Lighting

100 Watt HPS$7.47
200 Watt HPS$11.63
250 Watt HPS$13.07
400 Watt HPS$17.53
48 Watt LED$6.95
110 Watt LED$8.46
157 Watt LED$12.62

For large industrial customers, TVA has a special interruptible rate with a tri-party agreement involving the customer, TVA, and the Electric Power Board. For more information, call the SEPB.  Fee to change to an LED Fixture is $25.00 per Fixture for residential and $50.00 per Fixture for non residential.

*Rates do not include sales tax.
** Rate schedules will be made available upon request.
*** Rates for Residential and GSA are NET of any Hydropower credits.